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LLF lawyers are nationally recognized in the area of product liability litigation. We have been engaged by businesses at every level of the product distribution chain - from designers to manufacturers to distributors and retailers. Given the breadth of our experience, we are often engaged to handle cutting-edge matters in this dynamic area. In addition to engagements in cases destined for trial, our lawyers have counseled clients in a wide array of related areas, including risk management strategies, document retention programs, pre-litigation investigation, claims and litigation databases, industry-wide litigation, successor liability, and regulatory issues.

LLF lawyers have successfully handled cases involving such varied products as flammable fabrics, recreational and exercise equipment, materials handling equipment, food products, punch presses, water treatment systems, manufacturing machines and tooling, agricultural equipment, overhead fueling systems, firearms, aerial work platforms, scaffolds, ladders, and lighters.

LLF lawyers serve as national, regional and local counsel for the Firm's manufacturing and distribution clients. As a result, we have developed the skills to efficiently manage concurrent lawsuits involving the same or similar products around the country. To better serve the needs of these clients, we employ the latest technological tools to prepare timely, concise reports, facilitate consistent and accurate discovery responses, and organize financial and budgeting information. Because we have handled cases around the country, our product clients enjoy the assurance that their cases will be properly prepared and skillfully tried regardless of venue.

LLF lawyers publish and speak frequently in the product liability area, often for the benefit of other attorneys engaged in similar practices. We are active on the product liability committees of the American Bar Association, the Defense Research Institute and the International Association of Defense Counsel, as well as the influential Product Liability Advisory Council.




LLF aviation attorneys have extensive experience in a wide range of aviation matters, including major aviation disasters, personal injury and wrongful death, product liability, hull claims, commercial disputes, insurance coverage, and lost or damaged baggage or cargo claims. We have handled and tried wrongful death and personal injury matters for manufacturers of general aviation aircraft, as well as numerous commercial air carriers.

We have also been involved in cutting-edge issues in the aviation arena, including the emerging area of DVT (Deep Vein Thrombosis) litigation.

LLF lawyers actively participate in professional organizations in this close-knit practice area and several are members of the International Aviation Womens Association.




All LLF attorneys have substantial experience litigating in traditional general casualty cases, but they are also frequently involved in a number of matters which could generically fall under the rubric of security. We currently represent a national retailer with respect to all of their asset protection issues, which involve such claims as false arrest. We also provide counsel on large industrial issues for a major firm that provides security to various institutions such as banks.

This group has handled numerous fire-related cases, generally defending against fire subrogation matters and has developed a particular capability to handle proper investigation and determination of the cause and origin of fires.




Our experience in handling construction-related matters, particularly those involving construction defect claims, runs deep and wide. Our construction attorneys counsel clients in an effort to avoid or prevent the development of disputes. However, when disputes arise, our attorneys are experienced in preparing claims and resolving these disputes through litigation, arbitration, mediation and negotiation. Our attorneys coordinate and lead the array of technical experts and claims consultants often needed during the resolution of a substantial construction dispute. Our state-of-the-art computer systems and sophisticated communications capabilities enable our attorneys to manage the complex, detail-oriented facets of a highly technical construction case.




Due to the complex web of federal and state regulations, and the fact that many trucking accidents result in high exposure lawsuits, trucking litigation has evolved into its own specialized area. LLF lawyers have developed tremendous expertise in representing transportation providers in all facets of trucking litigation. We have successfully represented large trucking companies (either directly or through their insurance carriers) and have obtained favorable results in cases involving catastrophic loss from multiple vehicle collisions. Our attorneys have achieved similar success on property damage claims occurring during the transportation process or when goods are being loaded and unloaded.




LLF lawyers are experienced at advising and litigating on behalf of individuals and businesses, large and small, involved in commercial transactions and disputes. LLF lawyers have a broad range of experience with issues affecting such clients, including the formation, management, intellectual property and dissolution of businesses. LLF lawyers, for example, have handled matters involving corporate and partnership sales and dissolutions, fiduciary duties of shareholders, partners, directors and officers, breach of contract, licensing, trademarks, trade secrets, unfair competition, interference with prospective economic advantage and other business torts. LLF lawyers also are experienced at advising companies on complex regulatory issues that are part of today’s heavily regulated business environment. In addition, LLF has the expertise to advise companies about how best to control business risks through organizational and administrative procedures and insurance.

LLF lawyers are always looking for creative ways to resolve disputes as quickly and cost efficiently as possible, and that is why they are strong proponents of early alternative dispute resolution procedures such as mediation. However, when attempts at informal resolution fail, LLF lawyers are dedicated to aggressively protecting their clients' interests from the earliest phases of litigation through trial.




LLF lawyers have a great deal of experience in appellate matters of all sizes and complexity. We have tremendous substantive experience in a wide variety of legal areas and when combined with the depth of the Firm's substantive practice, LLF lawyers are well-equipped to handle appellate cases of any kind. Our appellate lawyers have distinguished themselves as outstanding analytical thinkers and persuasive writers - essential tools in the appellate arena. LLF lawyers are equally at home in state or federal appellate courts, and we are therefore familiar not only with their published rules, but also their informal procedures.



Because of our extensive litigation experience, we thoroughly understand the limits of adversarial litigation in advancing the client's interests. Accordingly, LLF lawyers seek opportunities to save our clients time and money and preserve goodwill by avoiding the courtroom whenever possible and in accord with the client's wishes.

A number of the firm's lawyers serve as neutrals in arbitrations, mediations and other forms of ADR. In addition, the firm takes pride in its commitment to serving the local bench and bar association by volunteering as pro tem settlement conference judges.




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